The most visited Gorilla families in Volcanoes national park Rwanda- Gorilla families in Rwanda.

Rwanda is endowed with more than seven habituated gorilla families but the following are the most visited – exciting or amazing gorilla families hence attracting more visitors. Unlike in Uganda, gorilla group allocation in Rwanda is done at the briefing point and clients with health problems, unfit and the aged can decide to choose a nearby gorilla group – approximately 30 minutes to one hour walk. According to rangers at Volcanoes National Park, some gorilla groups are frequently visited than others. This is because; such groups are entertaining with many members like:
Susa gorilla family in volcanoes national park, this group has 34 members with 2 Silverbacks-It is so entertaining and consists of twins: Byishimo and Impano. Susa group is among the studied by Dian Fossey – this was the greatest and best friend of gorillas to the extent of offering her life for well being of Mountain Gorillas - She died in the forest and buried in Karisoke Mountain. Because of her struggle to protect the endangered mountain gorilla in Rwanda, a voluntary project was found called; Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International.
Sabyinyo gorilla group in volcanoes national park, this group has 13 members with two Silverbacks. It is mostly visited by many tourists due to the fact that, it hosts the biggest of all the silverbacks in the volcanoes of Rwanda. It can be found between Mountain Sabyinyo and Gahinga. For tourists wanting to hike always book this gorilla family however, some level of fitness is needed.
Amahoro gorilla family in Rwanda, the group has 18 members with 2 Silverback. Though had to meet but worth visiting- It is found slopes of Mountain Bisoke.
Group 13 or Agashya gorilla group in volcanoes national park, the group has 27 members and headed by one silverback. It was the firt habituated gorilla group in volcanoes national park and the group members are increasing in number.
Umubano gorilla family in volcanoes national park, this group has grown up to 13 members with 2 Silverbacks. Umubano split from Amahoro gorilla group after a power struggle but male Charles and the dominant silverback of Amahoro family.
Kwitonda gorilla group in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda- the group has 24 members with 4 silverbacks. It is frequently visited to see the 4 silverbacks staying together in harmony and also to take memorable photographs.
Hirwa gorilla group in volcanoes national park, it is liked by many visitors to encounter its large family of 16 members headed by one silverback. The group is also amazing for consisting two twins which were born in 2011.
Karisimbi Gorilla family in Volcanoes National Park, this is one of the largest group with 16 members, including 2 Silverbacks. It was formed when the largest gorilla family, Susa split into 2 groups.
Ugenda gorilla group in Volcanoes National park, it has 11 members including 2 Silverbacks. The group is mobile and can be found by fit visitors.
Bwenge gorilla group in volcanoes national park, it has 11 members who are dominated by one Silverback. This group is found around Mountain Visoke and the hike is generally not too difficult.