Best time to visit Victoria falls

The best time to Visit Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia.

February to May is the best time to visit the spectacular Victoria Falls. Directly after the region’s summer rains, is the best period to see the world’s largest sheet of falling water flowing at its greatest volume. Victoria falls water is twice the height of North America's Niagara Falls, and the thunderous roar can be heard for miles around. The sheer force of the water drives a column of spray far into the air, drenching the edge of the falls in a fine mist. This is the best views of the Victoria Falls!!

February, March and May is not the best time to make the most of the fall’s close proximity to its near neighbour, Botswana, one of Africa’s legendary Big 5 safari destinations. The best time for a Victoria Falls holiday combined with a Chobe river safari is the dry winter period of June, July and August. Expect great game viewing, warm days and cool nights, little to no rain and plenty of water thundering over the falls.

We don’t recommend visiting the falls at the end of the dry winter period, October through November, when the water level is lowest and the weather is hot and humid. Low water levels guarantee you’ll have panoramic views (no misty spray) on both sides of the falls, but the Zambian side (about one quarter of its width) may have dried up completely. Water flow on the Zimbabwean side is permanent but ebbs in volume with the seasons.