Blue Monkeys in Nyungwe Forest, Rwanda

Blue monkey are among the 13 primates hosted by Nyungwe forest in Rwanda. It should be noted that Blue money is just name by doesn’t describe their color. They are light grey and olive fur gives off a blueish hue when they are perched high in the trees.

Blue monkey are mostly found in tree tops and mostly found in dense forest canopies for food and shelter and rarely come down to the forest floor. The females move in groups of 10 to 40 with only one male leading the group. Like human being, blue monkey can take care of each others off springs in the same group.

The blue monkey or diademed monkey is a species of Old World monkey native to Central and East Africa, ranging from the upper Congo River basin east to the East African Rift and south to northern Angola and Zambia. It sometimes includes the Sykes’, silver, and golden monkey as subspecies. They are intelligent and defend them selves in case of any attack.