Budget Gorilla safari in Rwanda and Uganda

To some people, the word budget means low, cheap or nasty but in terms of safari, the word budget doesn't mean any of the above. As African Jungle Adventures Ltd, Budget safaris we mean pocket friendly safaris but with excellent services.

With us, travelers on budget safaris are also prevailed or entitled to better services though may not equal to super luxury safari travelers. Budget safaris means staying in low cost accommodations, safari vehicles but with better services. In real life, all people are not equal in terms of wealth but should not be left out from getting excellent services.

Budget lodges/ hotels/ camps, have private bathrooms and toilets but not guaranteed, Some have shared facilities but in Good conditions. Meals are also prepared with good care and by the same chefs who prepare food for the travelers on Luxury safaris.

Travelers on Budget safaris also use the good conditioned vehicle though may be slight difference in terms of comfortableness from luxury vans. Safari guides/ drivers are the same and aim at making your safari informative and enjoyable.

Travelers on Budget and luxury safaris view the same relief features, drainage features and games. If it is Gorilla, chimpanzee, colobus or Golden monkey trekking safari, they all get the same briefing and enjoy tracking experience at ago.

Budget and luxury travelers are guided by the same ranger guides and treated equally
among others opportunities. In Rwanda Gorilla trekking is done in Volcanoes national Park while in Uganda, it is conducted in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park - this is where budget and luxury travelers meets to enjoy life time event!

Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda is the climax of all safaris in Africa! and nothing is compared to Gorilla tracking. Many travelers from many nations enjoy come to Africa purposely to see mountain Gorillas- this is justified by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (U.W.A) and Rwanda development Board (R.D.B) annual reports confirming high revenue from Gorilla trekking safaris.

More so, the high demand for Gorilla permits also justifies the above statement that Gorilla trekking is the climax of all African safaris. Gorilla permits are booked in advance due to their high demand through out the year and on daily basis - to that note, late comers miss the experience due to exhaustion of permits on some days.

Travelers on Budget gorilla safaris also visit the same Gorilla groups seen by travelers on luxury safaris. They are all allowed to take photos of different creatures. Gorilla trekkers are allowed to stay with mountain Gorillas for a maximum of one hour. However, it should be noted that, Budget and Luxury travelers pay the same cost for Gorilla permits at US$ 750 (Rwanda) and US$ 600 (Uganda).

Therefore, we argue all our clients to boldly decide whether to take Budget, deluxe or Luxury safaris with out fear- all in all excellent services are provided though with slight differences.