cheap tourist activities

Case study: Rwanda and Uganda. Both countries are found in East Africa and ranked among the top tourist destinations in Africa. Uganda has ten national parks namely: Kidepo Valley National Park, Murchison Falls National park, Kibale National park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Semliki Valley National park, Lake Mburo National park, Mount Elgon National park, Mount Rwenzori National park and Mgahinga National Park.

All ten parks receive tourists on a daily basis but according to Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) tariff, some activities are too expensive while others are cheap. Below are some of the cheap tourist activities which tourists on low budget can afford:

Batwa community tour in Uganda is among the cheap activities. Batwa are also referred to  "forest Keepers" due to the fact that, their origin was first discovered in  western Uganda forest. Batwa is the second smallest group of people staying in the forests of Bwindi and Mgahinga. They entertain the visitors with local music, dance and drama.

Boat trips on most of Uganda waters offer cheap trips.  Boat cruise on Kazinga channel, Murchison Falls, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Victoria cost US$ 27 per person on a comfortable speed boat.

Nature walks to see relief features, drainage features, vegetation and so on. Low budget tourists can at least go for guided nature walk.

Cultural tours are also affordable for tourists who are interested in visiting cultural centres like tombs, worshiping places, and Historical places like Museums.

City tours in Uganda and Rwanda can even be done for free in some areas. You can tour Kigali city and Kampala to see malls, museums, fruit and vegetable markets, Art and craft stalls among others.

The three national park in Rwanda include: Akagera National park, Volcanoes National park and  Nyungwe National park. Other tourist destinations in Rwanda include: Gisenyi, the twin lakes, Butare and so on. Some of the cheap activities include include Nature walks, Community tours, Kigali city tour and twin Lake tour among others.