Chimpanzee tours- trekkings

Imagin spending an hour of full day with the amazing chimpazees. In Uganda, you can do normal trekking or chimpanzee habituation in which trekkers spend an hour of full day respectively. In Uganda, chimpanzee trekking and habituation is done in Kibale Forest national park with an estimate of 1500 members of them and 12 other primates.
Other places with chimpanzees in Uganda include Queen Elizabeth national park, Toro – Semliki game reserve, Kalinzu Forest and Budongo Forest situate near Murchison Falls national park.

In Rwanda s are found in Nyungwe Forest national park which is known as primates’ sanctuary with over 12 primate species and chimpanzee troops.
After Gorilla trekking, its advisable to add Chimpanzee trekking to complete a life time primate trekking. You should not miss any of the two once you visit Rwanda or Uganda.
In Uganda, Kibale Forest National Park is the ultimate place for Chimpanzee Enthusiasts but when it comes to primates, Rwanda's Nyungwe Forest national park hosts the majority. Meeting chimpanzees in the above mentioned areas is a guarantee and rare cases registered when clients miss to encounter Gorillas or chimpanzees.

Full day chimpanzee encounter is currently cost US$ 200 per person while one hour encounter costs US$ 150 per person. Kibale Forest is along the major tourist path in Western Uganda, it is only 4 hours to or from Kampala and for primate lovers it is a park not to be missed. It’s only in Kibale Forest national park and Budongo Forest where chimpanzee habituation experience is done.
The Park for the habituation experience once again is none other than Kibale forest where you spend a full day with chimpanzees being habituated along with researchers and trackers. Chimpanzee Treks can be supplemented to Chimpanzee trekking taken on Safari in Uganda.

Uganda Wildlife Authority is now issuing discounted Chimpanzee Permits during the same months of the year as Discounted Gorilla Permits for the months of April – May – November of the year which is considered the rainy season or off-season of the year,
It is all about comfort and protection. Yes, you are in the tropics, yes, Kibale Forest is a Jungle and yet your comfort and protection depends on the right clothing and footwear. Look the Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers, they wear long trousers, long-sleeved trousers, bring along ponchos and have hats on.
When it comes to Chimpanzee and other primates it is all about Conservation, one reason that during normal Treks the time with chimpanzees is limited to one hour and the number of visitors trekking chimpanzees is limited.
What you can do in the presence of the Chimpanzees is also of importance. Your state of health and well-being is also something the equation…it is all about conservation.

Chimpanzee Trekking – Habituation Experience can be a bit tricky. There is the quick movement by the chimpanzees, you cannot use flash-lighting and you are often in a dense forest. Here are some easy tips for taking great chimpanzee pictures while on a Trek or an all-day Habituation Experience.
Take memorable photos of the chimps –take as many as you can and you will sort them out later. Focus on the chimpanzees and not so much on photography and at the end of the day you will have some great Chimpanzee Photos.
Uganda and Rwanda tours, while chimpanzee trekking safaris in Rwanda are conducted in Nyungwe forest National Park, the forest has an estimated population of over 500 chimpanzees, whereas the Cyamudongo area has an estimate of over 25 chimps habituated for trekking safaris.