Development of DRC tourism


Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the second largest African country after Algeria.  The fact that the country is large; there is large room for hosting wild animals and birds. On record, DRC is among the African countries left with virgin forest, bushes, swamps, mountains and water bodies among other.

The presence of National parks likes Virunga National Park, Garamba National park and so on. Such parks are considered as the natural habitat for Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Elephants, and Lions among others. The parks act as hiding places for wild animals and birds hence facilitating their survival.

Presence of Gorillas, they are among the rarest primates in the world and they are recognized internationally thus attraction a large number of visitors. Democratic Republic of Congo is among the countries with both low land and mountain Gorillas – therefore, it is not a surprise to attract a large number of visitors.

The presence of other primates like chimpanzees, monkeys, bonobos among others. Such apes do supplement Gorilla trekking.

Presence of United Nations organization (UN) that has contributed to prevailing peace in democratic Republic of Congo has greatly led to the development of DR. Congo. Visitors prefer visiting peaceful destinations however, it should be noted that, D.R.C has not yet received permanent peace to seasonal attacks.

There are improved accommodations in and outside the park. Many tour operators recommend Mikeno Lodge is among the best in Virunga National park.  Such accommodation attracts travelers to visit the country.

There are improved infrastructures like roads, health centres, and schools among others. Some new roads in DR. Congo are constructed while the old ones are renovated to ease transportation in the country.

Presence of amazing mountains likes Mt. Mikeno, Mt. Nyiragongo, and Mt. Nyamuragira and so on. Some of the mountains in DR. Congo are active while others are dormant.  For example Mt. Nyiragongo last erupted in 2002 which cost a large number of people.

Development of cities like Kinsasha, Kisangani, Goma and Lumumbashi among others. Such cities possess lots of attractions like Art and craft shops, Fruit markets, Museums, Theaters among others. Good Lodges and Hotels are also found in the city centres, good communication facilities, security, easy transport and so on are in city centres.

Presence of committed tour operators in DR. Congo and those in the nearby area. Tour operators work tirelessly to fight against poaching hence promoting Tourism.

Presence of investors to inject money in tourism sector through building Lodges, Hotels, and start tours and travel companies among others.