Development of Virunga National Park


The strategic location of Virunga National park – the park is situated near Goma city which is situated at Rwanda – Congo Boarder. From Goma to Virunga National is approximately 30km which is a short distance for the visitors to trek Gorillas and then depart.

The presence of Kigali International Airport to transport International visitors – due to the past instabilities in Democratic Republic of Congo, the country has no direct flights but instead, they use Kigali Airport.

Presence of professional tour operators to organize Safaris in Virunga National Park. Tour operators help in sensitizing or updating visitors about the present situation in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Presence of tourist attractions like Mountain Gorillas, chimpanzees, Virunga Mountains among others.Such attraction act as pull factor for the visitors into Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Presence of reputable companies to handle the clients’ trips professionally. It should be noted that all tourist need to use respectable companies to organize their safaris.

Intensive marketing of Virunga National park. The government of Democratic Republic of Congo in conjunction with other tour operators in DR. Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania among others have done a great job to make the park known to the outside world.

Political stability in Democratic Republic of Congo – Currently, the country is peaceful despite of the past rebel attacks which used to put tourism activities to stand still. However, we shall keep updating you about the political situation in DR. Congo.

Improved infrastructures like safari lodges, roads, markets and health centres among others. Such facilities attracts tourists to visit Virunga National park because they are assured off better services.

Hospitality of the Congolese people – they are willing to help and stay with foreigners.  The nearby communities are willing to conserve and protect wildlife.

Availability of financial institutions like banks, Forex bureaus, mobile money agents in Goma city where clients can get local currency where it deems necessary.

Availability of security organs like UN, Congolese Army, Police among others. Such groups create confidence among the visitors.

Availability of better safari vehicles which transports tourists throughout the trip. Some of the vehicles have pop up roof for clear viewing and excellent photographing.