Family safaris


Family tours are amazing; they make you move as a group to reduce the final safari costs. It’s better to move with people you share similar aim, objectives and Interests. So, it is better to move with the father, mother, children and other relatives. With family trips you can stay in family cottages/ rooms to make your safari cheaper. You can as well share other facilities like toilets, beds among others.

You can be in one group for primate trekking like colobus monkey trekking, Gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking among others. You can as well enjoy other activities like boat trips, nature walks, birding, etc together.

In case of a problem say sickness, it can be solved as a family. No worries about people left behind since you all leave homes for the trip. That brings more comfort when the family move together.

African Jungle Adventures Ltd is one of the leading operators who organizes family trips to the satisfaction of the family members. The elders find joy on the safari when their children are near them than leaving them at home.

On family trips, you can celebrate birth parties, anniversary and so on. Advance arrangement is required so that the lodge/ Hotel prepare for that important event.

We note that, for any family safari to be organized successfully there must be a person behind it. It could be the mother, father or elder relative. All we need from you is to fill our safari form so that you provide us with details of your family in terms of age, gender, number of days you would like to spend in Uganda, rooming arrangement, activities that interest your family members and we will go ahead and advise you on the best available options.

We organize family safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and DR. Congo (DRC). We offer full package including transport, accommodation and gorilla permits, chimpanzee permits for your family.

We also hire cars for self drive but we can help you book your Gorilla permits, Chimpanzee permits. park entry  permits and accommodation at no extra costs.

In case you want us to book your permits in advance, you just need to send us your full names, passport numbers and country of residence to be indicated on your permits (Bio-data system).

It should be noted that, 15 years is the minimum age for Gorilla and chimpanzee trekking in Uganda, Rwanda or Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  Therefore, we can make special arrangement for other family members in the group. They can do birding, community tour, nature walks and so on as the elders go for Gorilla trekking.

With family trips, you can spend time at islands like Ssesse, Ngamba, gong to Jinja to visit the source of river Nile, visit Uganda Wildlife Education (UWEC) or you can suggest any thing, we are ready to advice.