Game drives in Uganda Parks


Uganda National parks with game drives include Semliki National park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and Lake Mburo National Park which have savanna type of vegetation.

Night game drives are done to target nocturnal including leopards, bush babies among others. Night walking animals are nocturnal – they rarely move during day therefore thus commonly seen at night.

Only night game drive can be supplemented by day game drives to be able to see day moving animals like elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, bush backs and so on. Therefore, it is advisable to do both day and night game drives to be able to see most of the animals.

Rangers are readily available to guide clients while viewing night or day game drives. Rangers are knowledgeable to explain the life style, growth, feeding habits and so on. The aim is to make the experience informative, knowledgeable and above all memorable. It is not easy to find many animals at night and you can easily fail to meet any animals during cool nights.

The vehicle used for night game drive should be able to offer light at best – sport light is recommendable to enables clients view animals clearly and take excellent photos. The driver on night game drive should be very careful to avoid knocking petty animals and crowing reptiles – therefore, low speed is recommended.

At night, it’s recommended to put on warming clothes and insect repellent to be able to do a successful trip. Warming clothes recommended include sweeter, Jumpers among others. Strong cameras with powerful flash lenses are recommended to enable you take clear and excellent night photos.