Gorilla tactics

Gorillas stay in groups for security reasons. Each group is led by a mature and strong male Gorilla known as the silver back. Just like the father at home, the silver back  reserve the rights of mating.

Gorillas make unique noise in case they detect an attack. Its done to alert others to prepare for defense. Other verbal gestures include beating the chest to scare enemies.

Gorillas build new nests very evening to dodge predators who may have sneak in the nests built the previous day. Such predators include Leopards, snakes and so on.

Gorillas prefer staying to places where food is in plenty. That is why they move from place to place looking for food.

Gorillas help each other in case of an attack. Example is when one Gorilla is trapped on a snare- others try to rescue.

An adolescent male most often splits from his parent group due to lack of breeding opportunity.They may join other troops where they will enjoy their full rights.

Adult females are not bonded to one another and usually compete to groom and stay close to the silver back. Mothers are closely bonded to their offspring for the first three years of life.

Gorillas spend more hours feeding than sleeping at 14 and 10 hours respectively.