Gorillas in the mist – daily activities

Like human beings, Gorillas also perform daily activities after waking up in the morning to sun set. Below are some of the daily activities performed by Gorillas:

Gorillas wake up in the morning to look for food and water. As a daily activity, Gorillas feed on fruits, plant leaves, plant stem, insects among others. They also move to the water sources to quench their thirsty .

Gorillas nurture young ones on daily basis. They train them how to jump, climb, hunt, run among others.

Gorillas communicate to one another just like human being. They reserve time to interact with group members. It should be noted that Gorilla stay and move in troops/ groups/ families.

Gorilla also hunt just like human beings - they move from one place to another looking for insects to feed on. In the process of moving from place to place, their young ones learn many lessons, do exercise and so on.

Gorillas play with one another - most of them climb from tree to tree swinging, clapping, laughing and so on.

Gorillas do chew cards - they do it to simplify  digestion just like other animals which feed to grass like cattle, goats, sheep among others.

Gorillas clean their young ones by crabbing their far to remove rice among other harmful insects.

Gorillas can be seen moving with their young ones on the back - in other words, gorillas carry their young ones just like human being. This is done when young gorillas are still weak to walk distances.

The silver backs are assigned with guarding activity. They do offer security to the entire group and in case of any attack, they are ready to fight. Silver backs are mature male Gorillas which are known as the head of the family.

Gorillas build nests on daily basis - every evening, the elder and youth Gorillas can be found preparing nests to spend the night. They do not sleep in one nest for two nights.