Half day Chimpanzee habituation Kibale

Its only in Kibale National Park where chimpanzee habituation is authorized in Uganda. You can do full day or half day chimpanzee habituation at US$200 or US$100 respectively basing on the charges of Foreign Non residents and Foreign residents. East African residents pay Uganda shillings 150000 for full day chimp habituation or Shs 75000 for half day chimp habituation.

Half day chimpanzee trekking allow visitors stay with chimps for 2hrs. Chimpanzee Habituation excursion usually starts early in the morning at around 6am and stops at midday, its advisable to wake up at 5am have an early morning breakfast then proceed into the jungle to encounter chimps in their natural environment.

At least 13 primates can be seen in Kibale National Park namely Chimpanzee, black and white colobus, olive baboon, De Brazza’s monkey, L’Hoest’s monkey, Red colobus monkey  and so on. The half day chimpanzee habituation encounter gives you an opportunity to accompany Kibale’s anthropologists and habituators as they watch chimpanzees doing their routeen activities.

Half day chimpanzee habituation saves time and money since it cost US$100 per person yet normal trekking cost US$150 per person. It should also be noted that half day chimpanzee habituation give the trekker another full hour with chimps compared to normal chimpanzee trekking.