How Difficult is Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Experience?

Having many habituated gorilla groups, Rwanda is one of the best destinations for Gorilla tracking. Today, it is thought that the country has ten habituated gorilla families thus trekkers are free to ask for a group at a level of difficulty you are comfortable with on the morning of the trek. Depending on the trekkers’ heath condition and the level of fitness, he or she can choose a nearby Gorilla group of approximately 1-2 hours walk- this is the best for aged, sick and weak visitors who are incapable of long time hiking to encounter Gorilla families in distant area.

Gorilla trekking experience takes place in volcanoes national Park – while in the park, visitors are rewarded the view of Virunga mountains, Golden monkeys, birds, twin lakes, butter flies, unique tree species and above all mountain Gorillas.

For proper enjoyment, it is advisable to hire porters for carrying your lugged to and from the trekking- remember Rwanda Gorilla trekking experiences are led by experienced ranger guides to enable you make your safari informative and enjoyable. Your porter will carry your water and stop whenever you want, but I preferred to have it in a “holster” on my waste so I could drink very frequently.

The rule on gorilla hikes is that the slowest person usually goes in front and sets the pace for the group. Rwanda was a lot less humid and therefore less difficult than Uganda. Accommodation in Volcanoes National park range from luxury to Budget but depends on the visitors’ choice to stay in any. Most of the Lodge Like Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Virunga Lodge, Sabyinyo Silver back Lodge, Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge among others have fire places – a pot of burning coals (or something) brought into your room.