How to save on the trip


How can I spend little money on the safari?

No traveler would wish to spend a lot of money on the safari but most of the travelers do not know how to go about this. The following are ways how to cut costs while on the safari:

Traveling in low season – in low seasons, park entry fees, Gorilla permit cost in some countries like Uganda, chimpanzee permits in Uganda, accommodation costs among others are reduced. Safari costs are reduced to attract more travelers to visit different locations.

Tip wisely, it is not necessarily that you have to tip for each service- tipping is based on your satisfaction delivered from the service but not compulsory since you pay for the service. Tip only where necessary and this will help you reduce the safari cost.

Avoid expensive accommodation, super luxury Hotels and Lodges are very expensive and can drain you if you decide to stay in such accommodation.

Avoid luxurious activities while on the safari – activities which are beyond your budget are not good to be engaged.

Avoid engaging unplanned activities- safari activities which are not planned for in advance will drain you since you came with a different budget.

Travel with professional tour operators – plan your safari itineraries wisely and consider arrival and departure time. Any mistake as a result of poor planning can make you miss your flight and once you miss a flight when it is your fault, you are charged more to book the next flight.

Book affordable flights – if possible, book economy to cut transport costs – expensive flights will drain you so, it’s wise to book low cost flights in order to save.

Avoid travelling with a big group especially when you are the one to pay for that group. This will cost you much in terms of flights, food, accommodation and paying for activities among others.

Avoid late payments -make sure you make payment in time; if you are to pay the balance on arrival please curry CASH to avoid more costs in trying to pay by cards. More so, some locations have no access banks and ATM machines are found in bigger towns and cities.

Know the foreign exchange rate against- if you are going to make any payment while on the safari, make sure you consider the prevailing exchange rate in the country you are traveling.