Iby’iwacu cultural Village in Rwanda

Iby’Iwacu cultural centre is one of the major heritage treasure sites in Rwanda which is situated near Volcanoes National Park – the home of mountain Gorillas, therefore here visitors kill two birds by one stone (Gorilla trekking & Visit Iby’Iwacu cultural Village).

Iby’iwacu was set as a strategy to curb down poaching acts in Volcanoes National Park hence promoting tourism in Rwanda. There was a need to set anti poaching plans by engaging the ex- poachers into conservation struggle however, there was a need to show how the poachers will benefit from tourism. It should be noted that Volcanoes National Park is earns Rwanda a lot of foreign exchange from Gorilla tourism. Conservation education , awareness among other strategies were set to denounce poaching.

Through our research, we found out that alleviating poverty needs much more and goes beyond agriculture. Following successive community involvement and workshops, tourist surveys, a cultural village came up, thereby a rebirth of Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village.

A number of people who visited Iby’Iwacu projects are not only interested to learn more about Rwanda culture, traditions and local ways of living but also wanted to have a hands-on experience. African Jungle Adventures now offers the opportunity to visit the village, participate in community’s daily activities and stay at the village for a day or a night.