Importance of Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is situated in the northeastern Rwanda along the border with Tanzania. The park was founded in 1934, much of the park was re-allocated as farms and in 1997 the park was reduced in size from more than 2,500 sq km to its current extent of 1,122 sq km. Since 2010, a joint venture with African Parks has seen Akagera return to its former glories.
When you visit Akagera National park, expect to view a variety of wildlife, enjoy boat trips on Lake Ihema, community walk, nature trips among others. Akagera national park is the smallest in Rwanda, followed by Volcanoes national park and then Nyungwe forest (the largest).
Akagera national park has widened government tax base- Lodges and Hotels operating in the park are taxed to solicit revenue which runs the country.
Tourists who visit Akagera national park brings in foreign monies which enables tour operators, rangers, tour guides among other to earn a living. It is noted that at least, a tourist visit Akagera National Park on daily basis and the country earns from park entry fees, boat cruise among others.
The park offers jobs to people of Rwanda and foreigners. Many people are employed as tour operators, game rangers, wildlife doctors, boat captains among others. This has enabled workers to earn a living.
The lodges built in Akagera national park employs citizens and offers the government taxes. The park offers ground for the construction of Lodge like Ruzizi Tented Camp, Akagera Game Lodge among others.
The park supplements other parks like Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe Forest national park – after visiting the two parks, tourists find it necessary to visit Akagera National park for exploration of Rwanda. The Park also promotes tourism sector and supplementes other economic sectors like Agriculture, Mining, Transport, and Industrialization among others. The taxes obtained from tourism sector have led to the development of the country.
The presence of Akagera National Park in Rwanda has attracted foreign investors to invest their money in Rwanda through setting businesses like Hotels, Schools, and Restaurants among others. The setting of new businesses in Rwanda has created employment opportunities to people and widening tax revenue to the government.
Akagera National Park is a research ground- students go to the park for study purposes through field works among others.
Akagera National Park has promoted the country to the rest of the world. Rwanda is known because of its tourist potential.
The park has facilitated marketing in Rwanda – tourists who visit the park buys commodities from the local residents hence earning a living.
The park hosts the country’s treasure (wildlife) – such animals are reserved for future generation. Some animals are reserved in the park to prevent them from attacking human beings.
Akagera National park offers ground for leisure while viewing a variety of wildlife and water bodies like Lake Ihema - indeed, the best place for photographing.
If you enjoy the boat Cruise on Lake Ihema you can view a variety of water loving birds and animals up-close, this enables excellent photographing – business men and bloggers are advised to visit Akagera Park.
The park protects wild animals and birds which would have been dangerous to man. In others word, man is secured from dangerous animals and birds.