L’ Hoest’s Monkeys in Nyungwe Forest, Rwanda

Nyungwe is the largest rain forest in Rwanda with lots of primates- 13 primates have been recorded in Nyungwe forest. Nyungwe forest is famous for chimpanzee trekking and the second thought for by Rwanda tourists after Volcanoes National Park. L’hoest’s monkeys are restricted to the Albertine Rift and a region of lowland forest in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Only in Nyungwe, visitors can find the habituated L’Hoest’s monkeys – these monkeys are officially tracked in Nyungwe Forest. L’Hoest’s monkeys are also known as mountain monkeys – this is because they are found in mountainous forest.

L’Hoest’s Monkeys move in small groups and the females dominated groups – it is responsible for leading the group from areas of scarcity to area where food can be found. They have a dark coat and can be distinguished by a characteristic white beard.