Lakes in Rwanda

Lake Kivu:
Lake Kivu is the largest in Rwanda and it flows between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west. Lake Kivu is safe from Bilharzia and then good for swimming- Lake Kivu provides the best boat cruise in Rwanda. Major activities include boat cruise, birding, sun bathing, swimming and many more.

Lake Muhazi or Mohasi:
Lake Muhazi is situated about twenty kilometers east of Kigali: a long narrow lake running roughly east-west and extending north and south into a number of tributary valleys. It is one of the best fishing grounds in Rwanda- a large number of Rwanda citizens are employed in fishing.

Lake Ihema:
Lake Ihemais the largest in Akagera National Park, this is where most of the boat cruises take place. Akagera national park is located in Eastern region of the country, on the Tanzania border- it is the smallest National park in Rwanda- it is one hours drive from Kigali. Here, tourists can do boat safaris, birding among others.

Lake Rweru or Rugwero:
It is found in the south-eastern region of Rwanda –the largest part of Lake Rweru is found in Burundi so, it is shared by the two countries. Tourist activities enjoyed are canoe trips, swimming and so on.

Lake Bulera and buhondo:
The two lakes are situated in the northern region of Rwanda. The two are known as twin Lakes due to the fact that, they are separated by a small pine of hills. It is easily accessed from Volcanoes national Park since it is one hours drive. Tourist activities include canoe safaris, birding, scenic view, swimming among others.

Lake Mugesera:
It is located thirty kilometres south-east of Kigali and about 15kilo metres north of Lake Rweru; this narrow Lake consists of five east-west bays joined at the western side.