Low development of Domestic Rwanda


The growth and development of Rwanda tourism is based on international visitors and Rwandan citizens have not engaged in developing their tourism industry. In other words, there is low turn up of domestic tourists compared to international visitors. Below are some of the reasons accounting for it:

Poverty – most of the people are poor and cannot affording paying high costs of the trips.

Limited sensitization – the government has put low emphasis on mass education for its citizens and the target is international visitors.

Ignorance – some people are not aware of the available tourist attractions. This is due to poor marketing strategies.

Poor government policies – there is still high taxes levied on tourist. It has threated the citizens to travel.

High cost of the trips – some tour operators charges high costs on the trips which threatens citizens.

Conservativeness – some citizens think that touring is only for “Bazungu” therefore, they find it better to ignore.

Poaching has hindered domestic tourism. Some people think that most of the attracting animals are exhausted and that there is no need to go for trips.

Some people are ever busy at work and they find no time to have a vacation.

Lack of motivation – the government has not done much in motivation citizens to attract them do trips.

Some people fear wild animals like lions, Leopards, buffaloes, elephants among others. So they decides not to go near such dangerous animals.