Mountain Huye

The reason why Rwanda is called “the land of hills” is justified by the presence of mountains like Huye. It is situated near to the city of Butare in southern Rwanda. It is connected by a ridge to Nyungwe Forest to the west, and is on the outer edges of the Albertine Rift, the western branch of the East African Rift. The mountain is an important source of mineral water due to the fact that it provides sources of important rivers hence providing water to the people of Rwanda.

Bottled mineral water  are  sold throughout Rwanda and the nearby Maraba fair trade coffee plant, whose washing station receives Huye water via a pipeline built using ACDI/VOCA funding in 2002.

Mount Huye gives its name to the surrounding Huye District, part of the Southern Province, which was formed in January 2006 following local government reorganization and includes Butare city.

It is amazing that when you travel through Rwanda, it is adventurous to move through the rolling hills characterizes much of Rwanda and the beautiful relief attracts tourists to visit  Rwanda For Gorilla tracking since Volcanoes national pak is located at the slope of mountains.