MuraMurambi is located in the Murambi district of southern Rwanda. It was one of the centres of massacres during the 1994 tribe war in Rwanda. The school where 27,000 people were killed - A stark, shocking monument, hundreds of corpses are temporarily preserved and currently displayed in the school.

It is where remains of more than 50,000 Tutsi men, women and children massacred by the Interahamwe militia and soldiers were laid to rest in peace.
The memorial has been developed as a permanent exhibition to the genocide. It documents from pre-colonial times to the more recent history of the 1994 genocide. The design focuses on developing a memorial from which the school children and local community can benefit. With the construction of the centre at Murambi in its final stages of completion, it is currently planned that its official opening will take place later this year.

It is one of the en route attraction on the way to Nyungwe Forest National Park- the home of chimpanzees and other exciting primates like L'Hoest monkey, Blue monkeys, Angola Colobus monkey, owl- faced monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, owl-faced monkey, Mona Monkey, Vervet Monkey, Grey cheeked Mangabey, olive Baboon along side many species of birds.