Musanze Town in Rwanda

Musanze Town was initially known as Ruhengeri – it is the most popular town in Northern Province of Rwanda. Visitors to Volcanoes National park find it important to visit Musanze town for shopping, clubbing, relaxation and so on.

Musanze is an administrative, commercial and service capital in Rwanda. Musanze town is holds daily market. All kinds of goods essential to the daily life of the local residents are sold or exchanged here and you can also find interesting souvenirs and handicrafts as well – Musanze is where whites can purchase and admire different talents in Africa. While in Musanze town, visitors to volcanoes National Park can easily transfer to Muhabura Hotel for meals, relaxation or overnight.

The market is open all day, and is safe to visit provided you take the usual and evident precautionary measures. It is best visited accompanied by your driver-guide who can provide you with interesting information, help you find what you are looking for and assist you in the bargaining process. Musanze market is where you can find fresh fruits and vegetable.