Night game drive is among the major tourist activities liked by many tourists. Most of them aim at exposing travelers to the night moving animals like leopards, cats, bush babies among others. Such animals are rarely seen during day because they are shy and they fear to be seen.

Most of the nocturnal in the cat family have glittering eyes which enable them see clearly at night. They use their glittering eyes to see their prey during hunting at night. Amazing is that, most of them loose sight at the direct flash lights of the safari vehicle.

Night moving animals like leopard are muscular and can kill man – therefore, the safari vehicle should be well covered to protect visitors while on the night game drive. Night moving animals spend their day time hiding and hunt at night. Most of them feed to petty / weak animals like antelopes, zebras, kobs, impalas and many others.

Aims of doing night game drive:

Night game drives aim at encountering night moving animals (Nocturnal)

They are also aiming at exposing visitor to night life in the park.

In case visitors have tight schedule, they can use night time to do game drive to save time.

Night game drives enables visitors see animals and birds missed during day time. It’s noted that night game drives are done in savanna parks.

The night game drive safari vehicle:

It should have the recommended flash lights to be able to clearly see animals, birds at night.

It should be well covered to protect visitors from any attack plotted by animals.

Sport light is needed, well fueled and strong enough not to stack in the park at night.

40km per hour speed is recommended in the park to avoid accidents.

Night game drives are escorted by the experienced ranger guides to make the trip enjoyable and informative.