Nkuringo Gorilla trekking sector is situated in the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has Four Gorilla trekking centres and Nkuringo is one of them.

Nkuringo sector is known for hosting two Gorilla groups but the famous one is Nkuringo Gorilla family. Nkuringo Gorilla family was named after the ‘rolling hills’ where the gorilla group was first found. The habituation of Nkuringo family was officially launched in 2004, the hills are the very first picture one would see when travelling to this sector.

Nkuringo family was habituated to enable local community benefit from it since it was frequently sighted destroying people’s crops. Nkuringo family was originally led by the silverback Nkuringo who died on 2008, and later Safari and Rufiki the silverbacks took over the power to led the family. In the same year the family welcomed a set of twins from Kwitonda the twin mother, the twins were named Muhozii and Katungi making the family to expand more however Katungi died before turning 2 years.

Apart from Gorilla trekking, you can do birding, Forest walk, community walks, learn about the day to day life of the local people share meals and stories. Batwa trail interact with the first people who lived in the forest caves, learn about their life how they lived in the forest and survived.

You can also visit the community schools and interact with children on how they learn with no computers but very knowledgeable.  To trek into Nkuringo Sector, you need to be physical fit and good energy because it’s one of the toughest trail / trek in Bwindi forest but after this experience which is rewarding lifetime and rewarding adventure, one cannot complain of the hard time spent in the course of Gorilla trekking.

The trek to meet the Nkuringo family takes a period of 3 hours and one is allowed to spend only one hour with the group as they enjoy the day to experience as they play, feed ,display their nests and many more in the forest.