Nyungwe Canopy walk, Rwanda

Nyungwe is the largest tropical forest in Rwanda with great biodiversity including tall trees, ever green, Canopy tree shades, huge trees with buttery root system among others.canopy-walk-rwanda

In order to increase the number of tourists visiting Nyungwe forest National Park, the Rwanda Development board proposed the construction of a canopy walk way which was built on the Igishigishigi Trail and 1 km from Uwinka. It leads to a 200m trail, suspended between giant trees. The canopy walk offers a magnificent view of the upper canopy and is also a very good bird- watching area.

The canopy walk give visitors a clear view of the forest and its in habitats like  birds, butter flies, primates among others. Canopy walk is a newly established tourist activity in Nyungwe forest - Rwanda. The current cost of  the activity is US$ 75 per person  and booking is done on arrival in the park.