Nyungwe National Park



Nyungwe national park is the largest park in Rwanda occupying 970 square kilometers across the majestic hills of southeast Rwanda justifies that Nyungwe National Park is the largest block of montane forest in East and Central Africa. It is known forhosting the highest number of primates in East and central Africa. 13 primates are recorded in Nynngwe forest include; blue monkeys, vervet monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabey, grey-cheeked mangabey, dent’s monkey, L’Hoest’s monkey, Red-tailed monkeys. About 500 chimpanzees live here including a small community in the nearby Cyamudongo forest.

If you visit Nyungwe forest, expect to enjoy Chimpanzee trekking – it is the major tourist activity in the forest.  Chimpanzee trekking begin every morning in Nyungwe forest national park- trekkers are briefed first and then escorted by ranger guides in the forest to search for the amazing gentle giants. Meet them in their natural habitat, view and take photos for a maximum of one hour and then return to your Lodge for relaxation as you wait for dinner and overnight.

Note: While in the forest, lucky visitors will view birds, insects, butter flies and other primates.

Colobus monkey trekking – it is the second thought for activity after Chimp trekking. Like Chimp trekking, colobus  monkey trekking start early morning with briefing and then transfer to the forest to search for the primates.

Canopy walk way – it’s among the newly introduced activity in Nyungwe forest. It involves walking through the stretchers while viewing birds and other attractions while in high elevation.  The canopy enables visitors to view a wide range of attractions in Nyungwe forest.

Community walks to the nearby villages. Visit local communities and enjoy meals with them. Do community activities like digging, fetch water, cook food and so on.You can participate or just sit and then see the villagers doing their daily activities.

Guided nature walks – visit tea plantations, visit water fall among others.

Birding – Nyungwe forest hosts over 300 bird species and one of the best birding sites in Rwanda.  In Nyungwe forest, expect to view birds which visit the forest during winter season in Europe.  You will also see other species of birds in Rwanda.


If you visit Nyungwe forest, feel free to choose luxury Lodges, Deluxe Lodges or Budget Lodge depending on your budget and interest.

Some of the Lodges in Nyungwe forest national park include:

Nyungwe Forest lodge, Nyungwe Hilltop view Hotel, Gisakura Guest House among others. Note: Doing any of the above activity requires at least three days because it is 8hrs drive from Kigali to Nyngwe Forest. Therefore, the first day is spent traveling to the park, stay overnight and do an activity the next day and then return to Kigali on the third day.