Owl-faced Monkeys in Nyungwe Forest, Rwanda

Nyungwe has one the largest populations of endemic species in all of Africa. Of the 86 mammal species present, 14 are endemic to the Albertine Rift. The forest is home to 14 species of primates including Owl- faced monkeys.

Owl- Faced monkeys are shy and elusive, owl-faced monkeys. As very little is known about owl-faced monkeys ecology and conservation status throughout their limited range in central Africa, Nyungwe provides an import research and conservation area for this species.

Owl- faced moneys are interesting with their beak sharp nose and faces that resembles an owl. Owl-faced monkeys are rarely seen but lucky visitors can run on them by surprise. Being elusive, Owl –faced monkeys are hard to study – they are gray and have a white stripes that goes from the top to the nose giving it owl face.