Promotion of tourism in DRC


Tourism industry in Democratic Republic of Congo is still ragging behind due to insecurity, poaching, poor transport facilities, poor accommodation, eruption of volcanoes, lack of direct flights from Europe and other developed countries, high cost of the visa, bad roads, inaccessibility of some attractions due to lack of roads, drainage and so on.

By controlling poaching, we can promote tourism in Democratic Republic of Congo. Regular patrolling of National park by the armed rangers can threaten poachers to invade the parks. Tough penalties should be given to who ever caught in poaching activities. It will serve as an example to others planning to go poaching- in the process, the habit will be stopped. If poaching is controlled, the lives of wild animals and birds will be secured hence increasing their number –which will attract more tourist and investors to invest in tourism sector.

Mass Communication to the local people about the importance of protecting wild animals, birds and their habitat. If people are taught how to conserve forests, drainage features, wild animals and birds among others, the number will increase to attract more tourists in DR. Congo.

Improve infrastructures like road, hotels and Lodges among others. Good roads and accommodation attracts more visitors in Democratic Republic of Congo. The government should construct roads to connecting to all National Parks and other tourist attractions. More emphasis should be put on building better Hotels and Lodges in order to promote tourism.

The government should ensure that the country is safe to protect international visitor. Tourists fear to visit insecure countries but if the country is politically stable, more and more visitors will tour Democratic Republic of Congo.

The government of Democratic Republic of Congo should attract investors to invest in Tourism sector. More investors are still needed to set up Hotels, Lodge, shopping malls and so on. In the process, tourists will be attracted to tour and stay in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Tourism sector in DR. Congo can be promoted by improving communication, internet facilities and so on. Tourists would like to be in a foreign country while communicating with their relative and friend in their home countries.

Tourism sector should employ professional ranger guide who are knowledgeable and ready to serve. Professional ranger guide will find ways of promoting tourism sector in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The government of Democratic Republic of Congo should reduce on the cost of Visa to enable more visitors tour the country. Tourist find it expensive to buy Democratic Republic of Congo visa at US$ 50.

The Government should buy a national jet to transport tourists to Democratic Republic of Congo and from. There is a need for direct flights from Democratic Republic of Congo to other nations to easy transport.

Rangers should be equipped with powerful fire arms for protection in case of attract by rebels and poachers. This will secure the lives of rangers to manage the tourist activities without fear or favour.