Rapid growth of Rwanda Gorilla Tourism

Rwanda is among the best site for seeing Mountain Gorillas in Africa. Rwanda has 10 habituated Gorilla families found in Volcanoes National park. Rwanda’s tourism is greatly based on Gorilla trekking due to the following reasons:
Gorilla trekking is among the world’s top tourist activities – It is indeed a life time event. Looking into the eye of a mountain Gorilla is a memorable experience!!
Political stability in Rwanda has greatly boosted Gorilla tourism in Rwanda. Since the end of 1994 Genocide in Rwanda, the country has peaceful under the government of Paul Kagame.
Favorable climate in Rwanda has also boosted Gorilla tourism. The climate attracts tourists to stay longer in Rwanda- chilling and sun bathing at the shores of Lake Kivu is memorable.
Better Gorilla safari Lodges in Volcanoes National park accompanied by excellent services has also promoted Gorilla tourism.
The Gorilla naming ceremonies (Kwita Izina) has also led to the rapid growth and Development of Gorilla tourism in Rwanda. The annual event of naming the new born Gorillas in Rwanda is attended by many tour operators, tourists, well-wishers and government official from different nations. The event has not only amusing but also a big marketing strategy.
Aggressive marketing of Rwanda Gorillas- the Rwanda government injects a lot of money to market Gorillas on internet, world travel markets, Radios, Television and open air crusades among others.
Better road in Rwanda has also boosted Gorilla tourism. Many roads which connect to Volcanoes National park are well maintained to ease transportation of tourism to andfrom the home of Mountain Gorillas.
Other supplementary tourist activities in Volcanoes National park- alongside Mountain Gorillas, the park also host golden monkeys, birds, Virunga Volcanoes, among others. Tourists find it easy to visit Volcanoes National park to see a variety of tourist attractions.
Professional tour operators of Rwanda- most of them handle tourists professionally to meet the international levels. The tour companies in Rwanda are strictly screened before given licenses and regularly supervised by the ministry of tourism.
Hospitality of the people of Rwanda – Rwanda population is full of hospitable people who are willing to stay with visitors.
Wildlife conservation campaigns in Rwanda have greatly led to the preservation of gorilla habitat hence protecting them.
The Mighty Virunga ranges are recognized internationally as world heritage site – their presence in Rwanda has not only facilitated mountain Gorillas wellbeing but also marketing them. It should be noted that Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is done on the slopes of Virunga Mountains.
The presences of Gorilla doctors in Rwanda- Doctors ensure that each gorilla is well health wise hence sustain their presence.
Presence of national jet- Rwandair operates daily direct flights from many countries. The jet has facilities easy transportation of tourist to Rwanda.
Rwanda is strategically located in East African and easily reached by road and Air transport means. On addition, Kigali International Airport works 24 hours, all year round. The Airport handles international visitors from all over the world.