Rapid growth of Rwanda-Kenya tourism


A number of factors accounts why Rwanda and Kenya tourism sectors are developing rapidly, below are some ere of the reasons:

Kenya is endowed with richest and largest animal fauna in the whole world. Masai Mara National park in Kenya evidently offers the best game viewing in the world. One the other hand, Rwanda is rapidly developing due to presence of one of the world’s rare primates called mountain Gorillas found in Volcanoes National Park.

Kenya has one of the best sceneries, climate and beaches in the whole world. All these attract the foreign visitors. On the other hand, Rwanda has Nyungwe Forest National Park which hosts 13 primate species – Nyungwe the most famous home of the primates with the largest number. In Nyungwe forest, you can find chimpanzees, colobus monkeys among others.

Kenya is strategically located at the cost- this is one of the major factor for the development of her tourism sector because of easy transportation of visitors into the country. Rwanda has Kigali International Airport with the country jet called Rwandair, this facilitates the transportation of international visitors into Rwanda.

Kenya has an improved transport network like railway line, road and above all Air transport. Air transport in particular has been developed to meet the world standards. Today, Kenya has the best transport system compared to her neighbours like Uganda and Tanzania. On the other hand, Rwanda’s transport system is also developing rapidly- in Rwanda, many roads have been renovated and new ones have been constructed.

The formation of Kenya Tourist Development Corporation (KTDC) in 1995 enabled effective management of Kenya Tourism sector. The effectiveness has enabled Kenya to beat her neighbours in offering the best services in tourism industry compared to Uganda and Tanzania. KTDC has worked day and night to ensure improved accommodation and Transport network.  Rwanda on the other hand has Rwanda Development board (RDB) which has worked hard to develop the tourism sector there. RDB is responsible for all tourism activities in Rwanda- the work which the board has done excellently.

Kenya has been peaceful for a long period of years – it should be noted that the country has never experienced any serious war for the last 30 years. Peace is akey factor for the development of tourism. On the other hand, Rwanda has also been stable ever since the end of 1994 genocide which cost the life of a thousand souls. Rwanda is motto on war is “Never to happen again” .