Reasons why you should trek gorillas in Rwanda- Why should you visit Rwanda?

Gr3Should you think of Gorilla trekking, look no farther than Rwanda! many people ask why they should go gorilla tracking in Rwanda than in Uganda or Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C) . Like Rwanda, Congo and Uganda host mountain Gorillas and almost in one region but visitors stick on tracking Gorillas in Rwanda for the following reasons:

First of all, Rwanda advertises intensively about her Gorillas through international exhibitions, Radios, Televisions, Internet among others. The strategies of showing the world about the availability of mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park has alerted visitors to tour into Rwanda.

Rwanda is endowed with many gorilla groups like Susa family, Karisimbi group, Sabyinyo Gorilla group, Amahoro group, Umubano gorilla family, 13 group (Agasha group), Hirwa group, Bwenge family and Ugenda gorilla group- the listed groups are all habituated and can be trekked. Such group members are amazing and attractive to see that is why, visitors from gorilla trekking goes on informing friend about Rwanda Gorillas hence receiving more visitors.

Good infrastructures also justify why Rwanda receives more visitors. Road which connects to Volcanoes national park are all in good condition and always maintained. Good roads facilitated quick transportation of visitors to the park and back to Kigali International Airport to catch their flights back home. Accommodation like Lodges and Hotels are also in good condition to facilitate well stay of visitors, more so good food prepared by professionals among others. In Kigali, visitors can stay in Kigali Serena Hotel, Manor Hotel, Step Town Motel, Chez Lando Hotel among others while in volcanoes national park, Visitors can dine and sleep in Sabyinyo Silverback lodge, Virunga Lodge, Mount Gorilla View Lodge, Le bambou Gorilla Lodge, Muhabura Hotel, Kinigi Guest House among.

Proper supply of electricity in Kigali and in Volcanoes national park also attract more visitors. Rwanda is supplied with Hydral electricity generated with in and the imported one from Uganda, Bio gas, thermal  energy- solar system plus stand by generators. Power is used to provide light, charge phones, cook, charge cameras as preparing to capture photos of Gorillas among other attractions.

Political stability- Rwanda is secure and all security agencies puts a keen eye on Gorillas and tourists to ensure safety. The Rwanda army always patrol the park and visitors are escorted by armed men during the process of searching mountain gorillas in the bamboo forest of Volcanoes National park. Tight security has marketed mountain gorillas internationally hence attracting in large number of tourists. It is thought that Rwanda is more safer than Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. Congo for long time has been disturbed by rebels which some times could halt  gorilla tourism there- Kampala city of Uganda also experiences public strikes forcing police to release tear gas which threatens tourist.

The 1994 war in Rwanda led to the cropping up of different genocide memorial centres- today Gisozi genocide memorial museum act as a major tourist attraction in Kigali after and before Gorilla tracking. Other sites like Murambi, Nyamata among others also attracts tourist to visit Rwanda for Gorilla trekking and visit the genocide memorial museum. Genocide memorial museum keeps the remains of the dead people killed during the war between the Ttusi and the Hutu.

Strategic location of Kigali International Airport. The airport is situated in the heart of the city and target late arrival and late departing visitors. It is few minutes drive from the Airport to the accommodation of the visitors' preference and 3 hours drive from Kigali to Volcanoes National park.

More so, Rwandair has played a bigger role in marketing Rwanda gorillas internationally. Visitors find it easier to flight into Rwanda by Rwandair - its flights are scheduled every day and based in many nations targeting tourist to Rwanda. Rwandair sets pocket friendly fares afforded by both low income earners and high end visitors.

uThe strategic location of Volcanoes national park (home of mountain gorillas). The park is situated 3 hours drive from Kigali - this is a shorter distance compared to Bwindi impenetrable national park from Kampala (8 hours drive). The comparative short distance has attracted visitors to track Rwanda Gorillas.

yyEn route attraction to Volcanoes national park- From Kigali to the park, the visitors views the rolling hills characterized by match of Rwanda relief and above all the view of the mighty Virunga ranges. Virunga mountain comprises of eight volcanoes with only one active volcano known as Nyiragongo situated in Democratic Republic of Congo. Dormant virunga ranges include Gahinga, Nyamurangira, Karisimbi, Visoke, Sabyinyo, Karisoke, Mikemo and Muhabura. Amazing is that, five of them are viewed while in Rwanda and these include Gahinga, Visoke, Sabyinyo, Karisimbi and Muhabura. Such relief attracts photographers hence marketing Rwanda Mountain Gorillas- this is where you can do gorilla trekking and mountaineering- Visitors can climb Visoke or Karisimbi. Other attractions on the way include the beautiful women, forests, rivers, gardens among others.

Other Rwanda national parks like Nyungwe and Akagera National Parks also attracts visitors to Visit Rwanda. Nyungwe hosts Chimpanzees and 12 other primates while Akagera hosts lions, Buffaloes, Hippos, Crocodiles, Elephants among others. Tourists can visit Volcanoes National park as well as other parks. Other attractions in Rwanda include Genocide memorial museums, Local food and craft shops, Lakes, rivers and so on.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is much easier than in Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. This is because Rwanda has bamboo forest while Uganda and Congo have tropical forest which are thick making the trek more complicated. In Rwanda some gorilla groups are found few minutes walk from the park headquarters- this favours weak, sick and aged tourists to encounter gorillas. in Uganda the shortest trek takes between 3-4 hours while the longest takes a full day- the same applies to Congo.

Rwanda has one day gorillas safari which caters for visitors on tight schedule than Uganda and Congo. the shortest Uganda Gorilla trekking safari is 2 days but must also start in Kigali - Rwanda.

Hospitality of the Rwanda citizens- the country protects kind and peaceful people who are willing to welcome and help tourist on their safaris. Porters found at the parks charges little money to carry luggage, ranges are friendly and safari guides too. Residents in the country are also willing to direct tourists to their destinations.

Availability of friendly tour operators- tour operators under different tour and travel companies are willing to help and offers their services at friendly costs, advertising the tourist potential in Rwanda through organising Fam trip, internet marketing, international exhibition among other strategies. Tour operators also try to provide excellent services to the visitors.