Reasons for Kwita Izina

Why Rwanda names new born gorillas? “kwita izina”

In Rwanda, Kwita Izina refers to Gorilla naming ceremony. In Rwanda, annual celebration is conducted in Volcanoes National park on which new born Gorillas (young Gorillas) are given names for easy identification.

It is believed that Volcanoes National Park hosts ten habituated Gorillas groups from which new off springs are believed to be born. The new born Gorillas are not only delights the people (Rwanda citizens) but also widen the gorilla groups.


On Kwita Izina, Rwanda citizens and non citizens of Rwanda floods Kinigi to celebrate the event. ON the other hand, Gorilla naming ceremonies are aimed at generating more funds obtained from Gorilla trekking. It should be noted that each Gorilla permit is sold US$ 750 and the more new born Baby Gorillas, the more revenue got out of it.

Kwita Izina is done to promoting Gorilla tourism – many people’s attention is put on celebrations hence more trekker in near future. This is justified by the large number of people who trek Gorillas on Kwita Izina day.

For easy identification – each new born is given a name to differentiate it from another. It is true to say that many of the Gorillas are known by rangers, doctors and common trekkers. Easy identification is based on name and the unique characters exhibited by each Gorilla.


To strengthen human – Gorilla relationship, some Gorillas are given names similar to those of human beings. On the other hand, gorillas are given names of physical features found in Volcanoes National Park like mountains, Rivers, Lakes among others.

The celebration is meant to advertise Rwanda Gorilla trekking to the entire world. In the due course, Kwita Izina is advertised on mass media for the entire world to know about the presence of Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda – this is justified by a large number of celebrants from Europe, Asia and Australia among others.

Gorilla naming is an early stage of gorilla habituation process – this is done to make Gorillas familiar to human being hence trekking.

Gorilla naming ceremonies unite Rwanda citizens and non residents – this creates and strengthens friendship. Tour operators, conservationists and well wishers from different corners of the world attend Kwita Izina in Rwanda.

Gorilla naming ceremony is aimed at increasing the number of visitors yarning to trek Rwanda Gorillas. The Kwita Izina makes the world a ware about the presence of Gorillas in Rwanda.

It is done for conservation – the annual ceremony is done to teach people the usefulness of Rwanda Gorillas – leading to their conservation. To date, the former poachers have reformed after realizing the importance of wildlife.

Kwita Izina is also meant to promote domestic tourism – this is done to attract Rwanda citizens to engage Gorilla trekking at pocket friendly costs – Currently Rwandan citizens trek Gorillas at 30,000frwncs.

Like human being –Gorilla naming ceremony is done to make the birth days of the apes – the naming is an initiation process – welcome to the world and a sense of belonging to a certain group.

Kwita Izina helps Rwanda Development Board officer know the number of Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. It also helps officers determine their growth rate and predict the future of the country tourism.

Kwita Izina is meant to prevent regional disease out break.

It is also done to inform the Rwandan citizens about the availability of Gorillas – attract the people’s attention.