As far as tourism is concern, Rwanda development board handles all the issues of tourism sector on behalf of the government. It was set to bring together all the government agencies responsible for the entire investor experience under one roof.
The RDB headquarter is situated in Kigali at KN 5 Rd, KG 9 Ave, P.O. Box 6239 Kigali, Rwanda, Fax: +250 252 580388. It is responsible for printing and selling Gorilla permits – today, Rwanda gorilla permits are purchased at US$ 750 each- the price is higher than that of Uganda’s Gorilla permits at US$ 600 each.
The body is a source of tourism information- some tourists consult the RDB for Rwanda travel tips. The body can advise on direction of each tourist attraction, availability of tourist attractions among others.
Rwanda Development board is responsible for setting and regulating prices for major tourist activities in Rwanda like chimpanzee trekking, gorilla tracking, birding among others.
RDB is responsible for selling Golden monkey trekking permits. Today Rwanda golden monkey trekking is purchased at US$ 100 each and Volcanoes National park hosts more than ten habituated groups of golden monkeys. This is the second thought after activity after Gorilla tracking.
RDB also sells chimpanzee trekking permits- chimpanzee permits are sold in advance to be secure due to high demand. Chimpanzee trekking takes place in Nyungwe National Park and the activity is conduceted in the morning hours. Nyungwe forest is one of the largest tropical forest in East Africa and famous for hosting 13 primate species.
RDB is responsible for monitoring tourism activities done by tour operators in Rwanda and those from other countries. A tour operator is defined herein, as one who makes arrangements for transport, accommodation, sightseeing, entertainment and other tourism related services for tourists in Rwanda.
RDB employs security guards to protect wildlife in Rwanda. Most important and protected games are chimpanzees and mountain Gorillas- this is because they earn the country a lot of foreign exchange compared to others.
Rwanda development board conserves wildlife by planting trees, demarcates the boundaries of National Parks and game reserves. The major National parks in Rwanda include Volcanoes National park 9Home of mountain Gorillas), Nyungwe forest national Park (home of chimpanzees) and Akagera National Park (home of wild life) so, protection of the parks is under RDB.
RDB is also responsible for educating people about the goodness of wild life by spear heading anti- poaching campaigns.
RDB also gives the report about the performance of tourism sector to other government bodies. The body looks forward to promote the sector- then tries to organize tourism seminars, crusades, exhibitions, Gorilla naming ceremonies ‘Kwita Inzina’ among others.
RDB is also responsible for promoting, discovering and launching new tourist attractions like caves, water bodies, valleys and so on. The body prints and publishes brochures aiming at promoting Rwanda tourism sector.