Rwanda Gorilla trek

Rwanda Gorilla tours makes the climax of all tours in Rwanda. It's also the most expensive tour and the most liked.  Rwanda Gorilla tips starts from Kigali, Kampala or any where in East Africa.

Gorilla trips start with briefing in which trekkers are equipped with rules and regulation governing Gorilla trekking. Ranger guides conducts briefing at the park headquarters advises visitors on how to behave throughout the trek.

While in the park, visitors are not allowed to slow rubbish any how. The aim is to keep the park clean to avoid the spread of germs and death of animals after swallowing harmful substances.

Visitors are also restricted from defecating or Urination in the park. In case the guest want to ease him or her self, request the rangers to dig for you a hole and cover it well after.

Guests are argued to keep a distance of 7 meters away from Gorillas. The aim is to minimize the spread of diseases from human to Gorillas and the reverse is true.

Avoid flashing cameras and shining clothes. Flash  cameras and shinning clothes scare Gorillas and they may turn harmful.

When Gorillas charge, please turn back or reduce your height by until they turn to normal.

After meeting Gorillas, only one hour is given to stay with them. The action reduces stress from Gorillas.

During the course of the trek, visitors are free to ask questions  which are in line with Gorilla trekking to make the exercise informative, enjoyably and above all memorable.

The cost of Rwanda Gorilla permit is US$ 1500 per person and the only Gorilla park in Rwanda is Volcanoes National Park which is situated in northern region known as Musanze province.