Rwanda Gorilla Treks


Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda stays in high-altitude in dense bamboo rain forests of the Virunga National Park. Gorillas are found on the slopes of the dormant volcanoes of mountain Karisimbi, Mountain Bisoke and mountain Muhabura. By the nature of the terrain of the gorilla environment, trekkers are expected to have some level of fitness to be able to climb the slopes to meet gorillas. Be realistic about your fitness and be sure to let your guide know so he helps you request an “easier” trek to a closer family of gorillas or medium steep trek.

Like human being, gorillas are very sociable, living in strong-bonded groups ranging from 10 to 40 individual gorillas of different ages and sex, headed by a dominant silverback gorilla (oldest adult male, with a grey silver hair of the back)

Gorilla trip starts daily in groups of eight tourists led by a head guide in search for your gorilla family/ troop. Gorillas move freely in their natural environment as they move to look for food and water. A troop of mountain gorillas can have a territory of up to 15 square miles and don’t often meet other groups while in the same habitat. Gorillas spend most of the day time feeding, playing and grooming one another and take snaps.

A trek to see mountain gorillas takes you just inches away from the magnificent creatures, it’s quite mesmerizing watching their social behavior – how they are so close to human qualities is one of the most humbling and astonishing wildlife experiences ever.

After Gorilla trekking, you can move to visit some Genocide memorial sites in Rwanda to get a clear picture of what happened in Rwanda 1994 Genocide.