Rwanda To Expand Its Air Transport Services To Europe

The tourism sector in Rwanda is ever at a boom and this boom comes with a lot of efforts or investment in many aspects. A few months later, the republic of Rwanda partnered with arsenal in the ‘Visit Rwanda’ campaign. As the world is still left in wonder how possible it can be, Rwanda and Italy have signed yet another agreement which intends to open their skies to allow their commercial airlines to operate between the two nations.

The move is however intended to expand the flag carriers operation in Europe. In addition, a bilateral service agreement was also signed on behalf of Burundi and Uganda. Generally, the bilateral air services agreements help liberalize commercial civil aviation services between different nations thus permitting the designated airlines of the respective states to take commercial flights which cover cargo and passenger transportation. It also covers the frequency and capacity of air services between states, costing and several other commercial matters.

That said, Rwandair which is flag carrier for Rwanda now has opportunity to take flights to European states. It already offers airline services to Europe with the current treaties that are expected to add on its footprint in Europe. Based on its 5 year plan for Europe where it already takes weekly flights to Brussels and London, it will also be flying to Italy.

The idea comes just after a few days when government hopes to increase its national carrier’s destinations to at least 31 in Africa, Asia, North America and Europe. Rwandair also targeted Addis Ababa, Tel Aviv, New York, Conakry, Guangzhou and many others. Currently, it has over 26 routes that it flights. This bilateral air service agreement indicates how Rwanda treasures air transport and it will help widen its air transport network.

This will also boast trade among the private sector player from Europe that for long has been on increase up to date. Rwanda has a lot of things to export and among many include fruits, vegetables and flowers and the signed treaty makes it easier for dealers to access the European market. Besides, more investors will be drawn from Italy and Europe to come and invest in Rwanda as well as play part in the increasing tourism traffic.

The treaty was reached in December 2017 in Sri Lanka and it has reached its final stage that makes Rwanda a beneficiary. In total, Rwanda has signed more than 78 bilateral air service agreements and 46 of them are mainly within Africa. Rwandair is a national carrier of Rwanda and offers both domestic and international air services to East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, South Africa as well as Europe, Middle East and Asia. It also comprises of several aircrafts that have made its operation easier.

A side from the air travel sector, Rwanda’s tourism sector is also dependent on nature especially in 4 of its stunning national parks-the Volcanoes National Park which is popular for mountain gorilla trekking, birding, golden monkey tracking as well as several other activities and attractions, Nyungwe Forest National Park-the renowned primate world in Rwanda and famous for chimpanzee tracking, and also inhabits most of the L’Hoests monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys, vervet monkeys, olive baboons, Angolan colobus monkeys, grey cheeked monkeys and others) as well as more than 1068 plant species, 310 bird species, 85 mammal species, about 40 reptile species and several species of amphibians. It is popular for chimpanzee trekking, canopy walk, birding, camping and many others.

Gishwati-Mukura National Park is equally a forested park and newly established thus offering fresh experiences. For those of you who are interested in wildlife viewing then Akagera National Park should be a must to include in your travel plan. This park inhabits most of the elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos, roan antelopes and over 550 bird species including the shoebill stork. Interestingly, visitors can take flights using Rwandair and land in Kigali International Airport and then link up to the park of their choice.

Conclusively, the fact that air travel goes hand in hand with tourism, Rwanda’s air service extension to Europe will help boost on its travel and tourism sector.