Sabyinyo Gorilla Group in Rwanda migrated to Congo

In Volcanoes National Park, sabyinyo Gorilla group has been known as the nearby tracked Gorilla group in Rwanda. It is believed that Guhonda silver back led the group to Democratic Republic of Congo- Volcanoes National park is boarded by Virunga National park in Congo so, the two parks are near each other.

Guhondo is one of the major entertaining silver back due to its massive appearance. In addition to that, Guhondo is the most obeyed leader in Sabyinyo Gorilla group and is famous for defending the group in state of emergence.

To date, Sabyinyo gorilla group is anticipated to have more than 8 individuals: 1 Silver back (the biggest in the park); 3 Adult females; 1 Non adult female; 2 Juveniles and 1 Baby and so on.

Since Gorilla trekking is a life time event, every body would wish to meet them in their natural habitat before death- to that note therefore, the sick, aged and the weak people also strive to book Gorilla trekking safaris in Volcanoes national park. It has been known that in Volcanoes national Park, clients are free to book a nearby Gorilla Gorilla with 2-3 hours walk and this has been non other than Sabyinyo Gorilla Group or a distant Gorilla group with a long distance walk approximately 4-7 hours or full day depending on the movement of the Gorillas in their natural environment.

Unfortunately on 22nd December 2014, we received bad news that the nearby Gorilla group (Sabyinyo) is expected to have migrated from Volcanoes national park (Rwanda) to Virunga National park in Democratic Republic of Congo- however, the good news is that, the group is expected to come back in near future.

It was disappointing that one of our client missed to meet Gorillas since Sabyinyo Gorilla group was absent. The client missed due to the fact that she has kneel complications and she was from operation 4 month back and could not switch to trek another gorilla group in distant places.

On the same day, trekkers for Agatha Gorilla group also failed to see gorilla members after a long period of hassling to meet the group. Fortunately, the missed trekkers were advised to go the next day (23rd 12 2014) to try their luck. We expect the group to return in near future- we shall keep updating you.