The death of silverback Bwenge

The unexpected death of Bwenge Silverback- Leader of Bwenge group – Volcanoes National park-Rwanda.
BwengeThe wise, cheerful, playful and amazing Bwenge Leader passed away unexpectedly according to Gorilla doctors. Bwenge was the dominant silverback of Bwenge gorilla family in Rwanda. According to the gorilla doctors, the 24-year-old silverback had many deep lacerations sustained after an interaction with a lone silverback. Once the family moved away from his body, it was brought to Gorilla Doctors headquarters for a complete necropsy. In addition to the lacerations, there were some changes in his heart and lungs that are suspicious of cardiac disease. Our Veterinary Pathologist, Dr. Linda Lowenstine, will conduct the cellular analysis that can hopefully point to a specific cause of death. In the meantime, Dr. Noel trekked to the group to assess the health of the remaining 7 group members. He reports that each individual is in good visual health, and will go again Wednesday for a recheck.
For the first time, Bwenge gorilla group is led by a female mature adult known as Maggie however, we expect a silverback from another group to take over the leadership since black back gorillas in the group are still young and not yet reached the leadership rank.