The largest Gorilla group in Uganda – Bwindi National Park

Rushaga gorilla group is found in the south-western part of the Bwindi forest. The group was named after the Nshongi River that flows through their home and was officially introduced for tourism in September 2009. Nshongi gorilla group was the largest group ever habituated with about 36 gorilla members. Unlike other groups, the group has 4 Silverbacks. Another remarkable fact is that the group is led by Nshongi, who is not even the oldest Silverback in the family and that the three silverbacks and seven blackbacks lived in harmony with each other and did not make an attempt for leadership.

Unfortunately the July 2010 did not leave the group intact; it split and remained 26 members with the other split forming the present Mishaya Gorilla Group. More so, the group further split in 2013 and reduced to 18, with the new split forming the present Bweza Gorilla Group with 10 members.

Today, Nshongi Gorilla Group is still the biggest Gorilla group which has been habituated – making it familiar to people hence promoting gorilla tourism.

Members of Nshongi Family include:
Nshongi a dominant silverback, Kakono the 2nd silverback, Bweza a blackback, Matama a blackback, Busasa a blackback, Bwire a blackback, Munnywa a blackback, Kutu a blackback, Tinfayo a blackback, Munini an adult female, Shida an adult female, Bukojo an adult female, Nyampundu an adult female, Bwiruka an adult female, Tindatine a juvenile, Mahoro a juvenile, Mureba a juvenile, Rurehuka a juvenile, Mucunguzi a juvenile, Kazani an infant, Katoono an infant, Mukiza an infant, Ninsiima an infant, Bwiruka baby an infant, Rotary an infant