The Uganda Flag

The Uganda flag was raised in 1962 when the country became independent from the colonies regime. Uganda flag consists of three colors namely Black, yellow and Red.

Black symbolizes the African people, yellow sunshine and vitality, red African brotherhood- implying that every one’s blood is red thus brothers and sisters. a white disc is superimposed at the centre and depicts the national symbol, a grey crowned crane, facing the hoist side – the crane was the military badge of Ugandan soldiers under the United Kingdom – the crested crane moves gentle symbolising the gentleness of the Ugandans – implying hospitable people, ready to welcome visitors.

The grey crowned crane is fabled for its gentle nature and was also the military badge of Ugandan soldiers during British rule. The raised leg of the crane symbolizes the forward movement of the country. During the colonial rule the Britishers selected the flag of Buganda for using on British Blue ensign.

Uganda flags can be seen swinging on poles in schools compounds , hospitals, government headquarters, Hotels among others- therefore tourists to Uganda should endevour taking memorable photos of well designed flag.