Things to do in DR. Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo is endowed with many tourist attractions but receives few guests because of seasonal insecurity. However, the brave ones who manage to make it enjoy the following:

Kinshasa the capital city – it’s  situated on the banks of the Congo River and this position gives it a special atmosphere and a lot of charm. Enjoy the views of the water hyacinths on the river while strolling on the Promenade de la Racquet. The strategic location of Kinshasa city makes it a music visit- enjoys the boat cruise on Congo River or a BBQ picnic on its shores.

Climb Mountain Nglaliema, visit the presidential residence and its park are located, you can see the zoo overlooking the city, visit the four major markets that animate the city and participate in its dynamic rhythm.

While in Kinshasa city, expect to see the work of the wagenia fishermen who throw their traps in the rapids, as well as the floating villages where the lokele fishermen live. In this region, there are also several remarkable waterfalls, and it is in the Ituri forest that the last okapis survive.

Visit Garamba National Park with its white rhinoceros of the Nile, which are the last specimens -

Relax at Lake Kivu, where you can swim, sports fishing, but also discover the interesting sites of the north shore, such as the hot springs of Mai-ya-Moto and the falls of Rutshuru. There are also beautiful towns built on the lake and you can practice various water sports.

Climb Mountain Hoyo, its waterfalls and caves, and a deep and extensive forest inhabited by the Bambutis. Explore Bambutis culture; enjoy music, dance and drama performed by the Bambutis. They survive on hunting and fruit gatherers.

The Ruwenzori Range, which rises more than 5,000 meters, offers stunning scenery of glaciers surrounded by small lakes, known as "Mountains of the Moon".  Mountain Rwenzori is shared by Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It’s also called “mountains of the moon”

Visit Virunga National Park or Kahuzi-Biega National Park to encounter a variety of wild animals like Mountain Gorillas,  antelopes, warthogs, buffalos, lions and hippos, not forgetting the birds and the sublime landscapes where stand out the 8 volcanoes of the chain, two of which are still active and whose climb can be undertaken.

The basics to enter Democratic Republic of Congo

You are required to apply visa to allow you enter Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The current currency is the Congolese Franc (CFD) and US dollars also used

Transport: You will use both road and air transport, fly to Paris-Kinshasa and you will land at Ndilili International Airport which is about 20 kilometers from the city center.  It’s advisable to rent with a driver.

Health: Ensure to complete your vaccinations against yellow fever, and it is recommended that conventional vaccines be added to those against typhoid, hepatitis A and B, and possibly rabies. Also sleep under mosquito net to avoid Malaria, drink only bottled water, avoid ice cubes, peel your fruit and cook food well. Do not walk on wet soil and do not bathe in stagnant water.

Security:  Security in Democratic Republic of Congo is on and off therefore, you are advisable to consult the France Diplomatic before visiting Democratic Republic of Congo.