Things you shouldn’t do on Gorilla trekking

While trekking Gorillas, you should not move so close to Gorillas. Always maintain 7 meters in between to avoid disease transmission. It should be noted that diseases like cough, Cholera, Tuberculosis among others can be transmitted from Human beings to Gorillas and the reverse is true. Its among the conservation measures.

During the course of Gorilla trekking, dumping in the park is prohibited. Plastic, leather, polythene and so on are harmful to Gorillas.

Avoid feeding not carry any food to feed Gorillas. They are wild animals and feed on green vegetation, fruits, steams in natural form.

Leaving feaces  on top is prohibited. Whoever want to defecate should ask the rangers to dig a whole and burry it after.

Loud voices are prohibited - keep voices as low as possible to avoid scaring Gorillas. The act is done to avoid upsetting Gorillas as they do not like people shouting at them.

While trekking Gorilla, avoid flashing photography. Take as many photos as you can but put off flash to avoid scaring Gorillas.

Avoid scattering while at the family of Gorillas. Make sure you remain in group to avoid scarring Gorillas. They may think you have come to attack them. On a serious noted, if the gorillas are discovered upset, please leave the group.

Avoid bright colored clothes (Shouting colors) - Gorillas hate bright colors. Dull colored clothes are recommendable.