Tour companies/ Operators


Through tour companies, tour operators organize safaris/ trips / tours for their clients. Other role of tour operators include:

Handling finances on behalf of their clients –in this case, the relatives or a friend of the clients may decide to send money to the client who is already on the trip. They can wire money to the tour company bank account and then money is delivered to the client.

The tour company is assigned to make bookings on behalf of their clients. Such bookings include accommodation, Gorilla permits, safari vehicles; Chimpanzee permits booking and park entries among others.

Tour operators keep confidential information of their clients- some information includes health status, age, passport details and names among others.

Tour operators provide advisory services to the clients – they feed their clients information about the best tourist destination, when to travel, which means of transport to use on the trip and so on.

Tour operators do updates clients about the availability of tourist destination.In this case, the tour operators can inform the client about the new introduced attractions, where the clients are supposed to go to see attractions of their interest among others.

In case of the any changes in weather, the tour operators can advise the clients and suggest whether to postpone their safari or advise if they can bare the bad condition.

Tour operator are assigned to send alerts about the prevailing political situation of the area his or her clients are opting to tour. In case of instabilities, the tour operator can advise their clients to postpone the safari, change the tour location or cancel the trip until farther notice.

The tour operator is the eye and ears of his or her clients- in case of any price change of a given tourist activity, the tour operator is supposed to inform his clients before the start of the safari.

The tour operator looks for the best and amazing places where to take his or her clients. All tourists prefer touring new and amazing places and when you do that, they take you as the best tour company – which they can recommend to others and on the trip Advisor.

Tour operators are assigned to advise on things to carry on the safari, this can be type of clothes, Sun glasses, Cameras/ binoculars, shoes and medication among others.

Tour operators offers travel tips for free to all travelers and those hoping to travel in future.