In Uganda, each region has got its tourist attractions. Some attractions are similar with those in other regions while others are unique. Below are some of the tourist potentials in central Uganda:


It is among the largest manmade lakes in Africa and the largest in East Africa. Kabaka’s lake is situated in Ndeeba in Kampala district. The lake is situated near the official Kabaka’s palace in mengo.  The Lake was dug in 1886 Under the instruction of kabaka Mwanga II.

Kabaka Lake was dug to connect Munyonyo to Mengoand it was to be used by Kabaka Mwanga II as his short cut and it was to be used in state of emergency.

For a long time, the Lake has been isolated following rapid settlement of people at its shores. And it’s unfortunate that people had started dumping in the Lakes until today when the Buganda government thought of starting to develop the lake. Buganda Government under their prime minister(Katikiro) Peter Mayiga’s project known as “Etofaali” they are soliciting money from all well-wishers to ensure that the Lake is developed to meet the world’s standard which will attract more tourists. The plan is to make it a creation and also the Hotel to be built at the shores to accommodate tourists.


It’s among the world heritage sites. Kasubi tomb is situated in Nabulagara in Kampala. It is the burial palace for the Kings of Buganda. The heritage site is among the most visited places in Uganda to tourists who are interested in culture- indeed it’s a must visit!

On wednesday March 17 2010, the tombs were burnt to ash following the destructed of many cultural equipment like back clothes, the main shrine (MuzibuAzaalampanga) among others. Good news is that in …... the re-construction of Kasubi Tombs kicked off and today, at least 80% of the work is done and by the end of this year (2016), we hope everything to be done.The Kasubi Tombs, is easily accessed because it is situated few kilometers from the city centre.


The biggest portion of Lake Victoria is found in central region. The Lake has beautiful sceneries and many islands including Kalangala Island, Bugungu Island, Ngamba Island among others. The Lake has landing centres like Masese, kasenyi among others. It has formed beaches like Nabugabo beach, Ggaba beach, one love beach, spinner beach among others. Tourists visit Lake Victoria for sun bathing, boat trips, swimming, sports fishing and so on.


Kampala is the capital city of Uganda. The city is the largest city in Uganda situated in the central region (Buganda region).

The name Kampala came from the name of the Antelope “Impala” since in the past Kampala Hill was a hunting ground for Impalas. That is why the Baganda called it the Hill of Impalas “AkasoziKa Impala” and finally the combined the words to “Kampala”.

The city has a number of hills like Namirembe hill, Rubaga hill, Makerere Hill, Kololo Hill, Muyenga Hill, Naggulu Hill among others. Kampala city is divided into five divisions namely Makindye Division, Kawempe division, Rubaga Division, Nakawa division and Kampala central Division. Many tourist centres and Attractions are found in Kampala- some of them are Bahai Temple, Uganda Museum, Gadaffi Mosque, Kasubi Tombs, Kabaka’s Lake, Buganda king Dome Palace, Independence Monument, Uganda and Buganda Parliamentary buildings among others.

Enjoy night life in Kampala city; night clubs are available, theatres, Ndele Troup, Kika Group among others. In Kampala, tourists are a home away from home, indeed a must visit!!


It is situated in Entebbe, in wakiso district. UWEC was formerly called Zoo for hosting a variety of birds, mammals, reptiles, insects among others.  UWEC is situated at the shores of Lake Victoria, a few Kilometers from Entebbe International Airport.Therefore, tourists can make en route stopover at the Uganda Wildlife Education centre, tour the place and then proceed to the Airport to catch your scheduled flight.


It is the main entrance and exit point for International visitors. Entebbe International Airport handles visitors from many parts of the world and works 24 hours, all year round. It is approximately 40minutes drive from Entebbe to Kampala – the capital city of Uganda. Therefore, tourists can arrival at the Airport and then transfer to Kampala for dinner and overnight or they can decide to spend the night in Entebbe.


The palace is located in Mengo – the heart of Kampala city. The palace is inscribed by a wall fence and inside are buildings like Bulange, Buganda Parliamentary building among others. It is the official palace for the Kabaka of Buganda.


It is the largest tropical forest in Uganda. Mabira Forest is situated along Kampala – Jinja road in Buikwe district. The forest hosts a variety of monkeys, birds, forest antelopes, leopards among others. Tree species like Mahogany, Eucalyptus among other unique species are found.

It is a stopover point for travelers going to Eastern Uganda and to the source of River Nile in Jinja.


Uganda Martyrs shrine is a place where more than twenty Uganda martyrs were killed under the instruction of KingaMwanga of Buganda. It is believed that the martyrs were killed for refusing to denounce their Christian faith. The King got annoyed and ordered the killing of the martyrs.  Every year on 3rd June, thousands of Christians from many parts of the world flood Namugongo for prayers to thank God for the gift of the Uganda Martyrs.


Ssezibwa falls is situated in Buikwe district along Kampala Jinja road. Ssezibwa is among the most powerful water falls Uganda has. It is also believed to be a place where people can seek blessings from. On the way to Eastern Uganda, you can en route visit ssezibwa falls and then proceed to Jinja to visit the source of River Nile. It is a wonderful heritage site for everybody to visit and enjoy the amazing sounds of the falls flowing from uphill down the valley.