Switzerland is among the major tourist destinations in Europe. Below are some of the factors that influencing the development of Swiss Tourist attraction:
The good climate which attracts tourists – the beautiful mountain sceneries is also owe some. Tourists love to look at and take photographs of the amazing relief in Switzerland.
In summer, during the warm sunny days, tourists are able to see magnificent scenery of snow caped peaks, clear blue lakes and water falls, swimming and sunbathing.
In winter, there is an abundant snow on the mountain slopes. This accelerates activities like skiing and ice – skating.
Improvement in the accommodation facilities. This was especially created by the popularity of the tourists demand. But more significant was the rise of the new travelling public brought by the railway era and the electrification of the railway system.
Improvement in transport system especially to date from the electrified railway and road networks. This has lowered transport costs, made movement more quicker and relatively easier and safer, Transportation to the remote parts of the country like deep in the Alps where snow and ice are a common phenomenon became safer, Availability of HEP especially due to the exploitation of the swiss numerous rivers. This has been as a result of:
High demand for electricity due to the process of electrification of the transport network and need to produce or generate enough export.
Capital availability especially from the swiss foreign trade because of exporting high quality goods.
Availability of skilled labor force. Especially the nature of this skilled labour has been portrayed in the hotel management and general maintenance of the tourist industry.
Hospitality of the swiss people. They are welcoming people and ready to stay with visitors and help them know more about the swiss culture.
Switzerland’s neutrality policy. This has made the country use the available resources for the promotion of the tourist industry, unlike other countries which spend much of their major resources on military ware. At least Switzerland is stable politically and this is required number one in the development of the modern tourist industry.