To trek Gorillas without much difficulty, adequate preparation is very important. It should be noted that, Gorilla trekking is one of the strenuous activities since trekkers move through the forest, move through swamps, slope down the valleys and climb up hills/ mountains among others. Some tropical forest are infected with harmful insects like mosquitos, tsetse flies etc, the duration taken while searching for Gorillas in their natural habitat is unpredicted and only determined by their movements, some gorilla families move long distance which hardens their treks and so on and so forth.

Currently, ranger guides use telecommunication like radio calls, telephones, and whistles and so on to inform others about the location of Gorillas. The fact that Gorillas are guarded day and night, the rangers can easily predict the location of the Gorilla groups basing on the previous location. For this case, little hustle is employed by the trekkers to meet Gorillas.

Some rangers move into the forest earlier before the trekkers set in. They start searching for Gorilla and once they meet them, they direct the trekkers the easy tracking trails to meet them quickly and easily.

Adequate preparation of the trekker – doing physical exercise some weeks before the actual trekking is very important. The body will get used to the exercise in preparation for the actual trek and the actual activity will be done with ease.

Move with the trekking gear like hiking shoes, hut, rain jacket, walking sticks, trekking clothes and insect repellent among others. Once you are equipped with trekking gears, the trekking exercise can be done with ease.

Advance booking of Gorilla permits is important, on the actual trekking date, getting a gorilla permit can be hectic or completely impossible especially in peak season when the demand is extreme.

Book a private Gorilla trekking safari through reputable local tour operators. The local tour company can help you tailor made your Gorilla trekking safari of your dreams.