oOne 1 km a way from Volcanoes National Park is the twin Lake: Burera and Buhondo- they are located  3 hours drive from Kigali – Rwanda and situated at the base of Volcano Muhabura and near Uganda – Rwanda boarder. From Kigali, you move northern direction of Rwanda.
Burera and Buhondo are surrounded by steep hills and large waterfalls with a backdrop of the Virunga volcanic mountains – hence the two beautiful lakes and provides wonderful scenic view. After Gorilla trekking, you can organize a short tour to the twin lakes. The twin Lakes posses blue waters ringed by steep hills and tall waterfalls with the outlines of the nearby Virunga Volcanoes provide a spectacular backdrop.
Advantages of the twin lakes to Rwanda citizens:
People earns a living from fishing- a tour around twin lakes rewards visitors the view of traditional fisher men carrying out fishing activities. The work is carried out either from the lake shore or from self-made traditional canoes that consist of a single piece of wood.

Twin Lakes act as tourist attractions hence foreign exchange – Many tourists admire to visit the twin lakes especially after Gorilla tracking. Fishing activities here include sport fishing, canoe ride, birding, among others.

Canoe ride on Lake Burera and Buhondo is the major mean of transport- visitors can reach Island by canoe - have packed lunch and have a picnic at the island. Discover nature in traditional canoes, enjoy the breathtaking landscape, wetland habitat and water birds.

The Lakes provide water for domestic and industrial use- Water is used for bathing, washing clothes, cooking, irrigation, cooling machines among others.
Twin Lakes are used for education purposes- students on field work; researchers and so on carry their studies from the twin Lakes.

Twin Lakes moderates the climate of the area by generating convectional rain fall through evaporation.