A gorilla permit is a document which enables tourists view gorillas in their natural habitat. In Uganda and Rwanda, it is advisable to book gorilla permits in advance to be secured of trekking Gorillas. This is because gorilla permits are on high demand throughout the year so, the earlier the better. It should also be noted that Gorilla permits are reserved basing on first come first served! And high level of transparency is exhibited.

Where can I get Uganda Gorilla permit?

You can book your Gorilla permit through local tour operators in Uganda OR you can decide to book directly from Uganda Wildlife Authority headquarter in Kampala.

How can I book Uganda Gorilla permit?

You can book online by sending emails to your trusted tour operator or send request email direct to Uganda Wildlife Authority in Kampala. Alternatively, you can meet your tour operator physically to book your Gorilla permit or go to UWA headquarters if you are already in Uganda.

How much is Uganda Gorilla permit?

In high season, Uganda gorilla trekking permit is sold at US$ 600 to foreign visitors, USHS 250,000 to Ugandans and US$ 350 to East African Foreign residents.

In Low season, Uganda Gorilla trekking permit is sold at US$ 450 to foreign visitors, USHS 150,000 to Ugandans.

Where can I get Rwanda Gorilla permit?

Like in Uganda, You can book your permits through local tour operators or book directly with Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

How to book Rwanda gorilla permit

You are advised to book your permits in advance because permits are on high demand throughout the year and it becomes extreme in high season.

How much is Rwanda Gorilla permit?

Rwanda Gorilla permits are sold at US$ 750 each. The price is not discounted irrespective of high low Season.  It should be clearly understood that Rwanda do not offer gorilla permit discount. East African residents pay US$ 475 and Rwandans pay Francs 3000.

Important notes:  Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) issues permit cards and all the bi-data for the client is recorded on the card while Rwanda’s Gorilla permits are in form of a chart and the client’s name, country of residence and tracking dates are indicated on the permit.