Visit Ssezibwa Falls

Visit Ssezibwa Falls for cultural and tourism and education purposes. Situated in Buikwe district in Buganda Kingdom where the past Kabakas (Kings) like Kabaka Mwanga ll planted a tree there which is one of the largest trees around. It was serenity for past Kabakas.
Today the Baganda people still come here to seek out those who practice traditional healings and are purported to perform miracles. The falls and the river that splits into two has meaning to the Baganda people regarding the legend of a woman giving birth and out of her came two rivers, sacrifices are still made here after the birth of twin.
Kampala can be a most busy city, traffic jams, people moving everywhere – Ssezibwa Falls is the very opposite, it is a place that is restive, cultural – scenic, a short drive from Kampala.
There is a resort here called Ssezibwa Falls resort where you can even spend the night and go to sleep with the sounds of the falls, have lunch here or dinner. The falls to the Baganda are much more than a mere waterfall, they are a part of their culture, history and traditional belief system.
The words “sezibibwa kkubo” mean that no obstacle can stop me from moving on and from Ssezibwa two rivers move on past the tranquil island that separates them into two streams reminding locals of the legend as to how the rivers began.
Many hundreds of years ago there was a woman by the name of Nakangu who was from the Fox clan who was about to give birth to twins, but what was birthed from her were two rivers – two streams. In local tradition it is believed that the spirits of Nakungu’s unborn children – Ssezibwa and Mobeya still live on and inhabit the waters of the river.
It was the customs for a Muganda passing the source of the river to throw a handful of stones or grass into the river for good luck.
Many Baganda still associate something supernatural when someone gives birth to twins. Even today at times you can come across people who with sacrifices of local brew beer, barkcloth, chickens, and goats. There is a fertility shrine in an indention in the rocks by the falls. Some women who have given birth to twins will come here and times and pay honor to the lubaale which is a spirit (not God or Gods-Katonda is the God in the traditional belief system ) and honor one of them with a gift.
On the other hand a portion of Ssezibwa site is run by the Church of Uganda. Christians also come here to pray and seek God, water baptism is also at times performed here and on Friday evening there is prayer and worship.
Ssezibwa Falls has a long and rich cultural tradition – even some of the Kabakas (Kings) of the Buganda Kingdome came here and planted trees …in times gone by Kabaka Mwanga II would come here and sit underneath a tree while he held meeting, the current Kabaka Ronald Frederick Muwenda Mutebi II also planted a tree here during the dedication of the present site in 2002.
Most visitors will simply enjoy the natural and tranquil setting of Ssezibwa Falls. Observe the birds in the surrounding area, take a hike around, or even a long bike ride provided you have a bike. You can enjoy lunch at the resort or stay overnight in peace.
Many combine a visit to Ssezibwa Falls with a visit to Mabira Forest along with a Jinja day or overnight trip – enjoy Ssezibwa Falls – Culture – Legends – Scenic Wonders, many have but what is surprising that there are usually not many people here since it so close to Kampala just past the town of Mukono on the road to Jinja. Those who do come here thing it was well worth their time.